Trinidad and Tobago Chapter

A local digital chapter of the Caribbean CSPA. Primarily for people from Trinidad and Tobago.

Meet the Chapter President

Kwailan Bridgewater CRISC, CGEIT, ISO 27001 LI, CDCP, CSPA-PM

Kwailan is an information security/cyber security professional certified in the governance of enterprise IT, management of information security systems, cyber security auditing and data center management.

You can connect with Kwailan on LinkedIn at here.

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January 2021 - Chapter formed.

The Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of the CSPA was formed, led by Kwailan Bridgewater.


The Caribbean CSPA develops Caribbean professionals from beginner to expert.

It's ok if you're not quite there yet.


Here are helpful answers to common questions, which you might have.

  • What is the CSPA?

    The Caribbean CSPA is a non-profit organisation that's transforming the Caribbean into an international Cyber Security and Data Privacy hub, led by Jamaican, Gavin Dennis.

  • What is Associate vs Professional membership?

    Associate membership is for people who have not yet earned any qualification or direct experience in the field of Cyber Security or Data Privacy. Professional Membership is for people who have already earned the same.

  • How do I join the CSPA?

    You can join the CSPA by completing the online membership form and submitting the relevant documents based on the membership you are applying towards.

  • How to become a corporate sponsor?

    A business may become a corporate sponsor by completing the application form, going through the verification steps and submitting their annual payment.

  • How can I participate in activities?

    Members can participate by contacting us whenever we put out an offer online. These offers will be posted on our Social media pages and will inform you of how to apply to the offer.

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    “As a Cyber Security professional, being a part of the CSPA means I'm a part of a Caribbean community that supports people like me.”
    Gavin Dennis
    Cyber Security Consultant — Jamaican
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    “Such an association in the Caribbean is critical to ensuring the Caribbean perspective continues to drive global discussions on Cyber Security and Data Privacy.”
    Steffy Ann Bisnauth
    IT Sales Consultant — Jamaican
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    “An association of this nature will be an integral part of the development and transformation of cybersecurity and privacy in the Caribbean.”
    Shaista Peart
    Data Privacy Consultant — Jamaica
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    “The launch of the CSPA is positioned as an excellent enabler to effect a cyber security-aware consciousness in the Caribbean.”
    Alain N'Dalla
    Digital Forensic Investigator — Jamaican
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    “I believe that this is a great venture and a serious step in the right direction for Caribbean cyber security professionals and the region as a whole.”
    Daneille O'Neil.
    — Jamaican

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